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Made to be abused.
We even put aircraft aluminum in the handle. That's right, the stuff wings are made of. Unique and nearly indestructible, the handle telescopes to a height of 96.52 cm, allowing ease of use for all ages and heights.In case of accident...the handle is also replaceable!
A true athletic build.
Inspired by aerospace technology, our aluminum alloy frame is light and super strong. In fact, a ZÜCA Sport is rated to safely support 136 kgs. (It holds more, but don't tell the lawyers we told you.)
Less metal in your diet.
Lighter and still strong. The holes are placed so the strength of a member in tension isn't reduced below its structural contribution requirement. Translation? Holes make it better.
Maybe we went too far.
What holds it together? Custom made, Rust-resistant, chrome-plated screws with shake-proof nylon aircraft lock nuts (whew). And not that they'll need it, but unlike rivets, nuts can be tightened.
Your bag should get out more.
Removable hand washable. And unlike anything else. The insert bag is made from premium polyester and coated with water resistant polyurethane.Good for a lightrain,but defenceless in a storm.
A true social climber.
No escalator? No worries. This dual wheel system climbs stairs and curbs with ease. Better yet, the unique design eliminates all those awful "bang-scrape" sounds.
Roll with the punches.
The 10.16 cm polyurethane wheels absorb shocks and make for a seriously silent ride.As each flashing wheel is powered by a tiny generator (magneto), there are no batteries.
Tread lightly.
Made of nylon 6, the plastic feet go easy on scratchable surfaces. They're also tough enough to resist grit and gravel impregnation that would otherwise shred wood floors.